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Golfing - Cape Winelands Activities

Winelands Golfing
The golden sun of South Africa warms the lush green golf estates of the Cape Winelands. Indigenous birds provide a melodic theme in the magical setting and local wine adds a relaxed glow to every sunset.

This is the idyllic set of a story that began long ago and has the promise of many golden sunsets to look forward to.

The Perfect Blend
Golf is a game of elegance and style. It’s all about the perfect swing, the subtlety of movement that will move the gracefully ball from the tee to the hole. Perfection of movement and setting make golf a truly beautiful game to play and to watch.

The Winelands are all about the elegance and style of flavour. In this fantastically beautiful setting the subtle blends of history, cultivars and carefully trained human hands create artworks in bottles. Cape wines are globally recognised and awarded.

What could blend more perfectly than the subtly elegant game of golf and the exquisite style of the cape wine culture?

At Home on the Range
Golf courses range from small and relaxing to large and challenging. When you realise that many of them bare the names of prestigious golfing designers like Jack Nicklaus, David Frost and Gary Player you start to understand why international players seem to appear here as perennially as the vines that colour the hillsides.

When winter chills the Northern hemisphere, South Africa is bathed in a warm golden glow. White sands, green grass and gentle hills; this is nature in all its perfection. Floating in the magnificence of history and landscape, golf has found a new home in the Cape Winelands.

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