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Stellenbosch Wine Route Accommodation

When you visit the magnificent Wine Route, finding the perfect home away from home is an absolute necessity. There is so much to see and do, you will need a good night’s rest in between outings. A host who knows their way around and who can suggest activities and tours that would suit you is an invaluable aid to making the most of your holiday.

Location, Location, Location!
A good guesthouse needs to be close to the places you want to visit, within easy walking distance of transport and easy to find. Your accommodation should also be in a clean, safe area that is a good distance from noisy industry and busy highways. Nobody can relax if they feel insecure, trapped or lost.

Big chain hotels are frequently located in extremely busy areas and they can feel very cold and impersonal. Smaller places like bed and breakfast facilities and guest houses are definitely a better alternative if you want privacy and friendly faces. Most of the smaller places are also better located, usually in residential areas near the centre of town and not right on top of a noisy, smelly main road or highway!

Good advice
A good host pays attention to their guests’ personal tastes and preferences and will be able to suggest things that will suit your personality and your budget.

The last thing you need is to get advice that sends you on a wild goose chase, wastes your time and your money and leaves you feeling disappointed with the whole experience. If you are a real adrenaline junkie, can you imagine getting booked on a 3 hour tour of historical monuments, in the wrong language? Or, if you are a history buff, would you really enjoy running around trying every single extreme adventure sport?

Quality service
When looking for a place to stay it is important to consider the quality of service you will be getting. The right place will be friendly but not invasive, polite but not aloof or cold. You should be able to feel free without too many unreasonable security rules or curfews but you should also feel secure and safe and not be irritated by other guests or invasive staff members.

A good guesthouse offers accommodation that is secure, serene, friendly and professional.

Dinner is served!
Food is a vital part of every holiday. Many people travel to the winelands for the food alone. Wherever you stay make sure that there is at least one good restaurant nearby. Who really wants to have to trudge for an hour uphill just to get a sandwich?

Convenience and quality are the things to look for. Quality is easy to find in Stellenbosch, with some of the worlds greatest cheeses and wines as well as farm-fresh ingredients grown in the area. Convenience is a bit more of a challenge since many small bed and breakfast facilities are set in the countryside, far away from the town itself.

There are great places available which are close to good restaurants, some even have onsite restaurants so, after a long day of exploring, you don’t even need to leave the grounds to get great food.

Accommodation is more than just a place to sleep. It is your refuge when you are far from the comforts of home. It is the planning headquarters of every adventure. Good quality accommodation is the fundamental essential for a good holiday.

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