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Eateries for foodies in Matieland

Some of the best restaurants can be found in Stellenbosch, tucked away in the winding side roads or simply hidden in plain sight. Maties agree: these are the best eateries to stopover at when looking to tuck into a juicy burger, an innovative pizza, or a uniquely South African meal. So whether you plan to enjoy a day visit or spend the night in one the Stellenbosch guest houses, be sure to pop by these eateries.

The best pizza in town
The Mystic Boer comes out tops when pizza is concerned. Their wide range of pizza and insanely cheap prices is a hit with the students at Stellenbosch University. The décor of the pub pays homage to Afrikaner history and culture, with life size images of generals who participated in the South African War (Anglo-Boer War) of the early 1900’s, as well as images of SABC 2’s iconic news reader Riaan Cruywagen – they even sell a pizza named after him. The vibrant atmosphere and laid back patrons that populate the venue make for a wicked combination that always delivers a good time.

Where to bite into a juicy burger
5 Ryneveld is a popular restaurant that always has patrons spilling out onto the little quad area, regardless of the time of day. Its cosy and friendly atmosphere adds a special charm to the place that seemingly seeps into the flavour of their food – every bite you take is simply delicious. Their range of gourmet burgers are reputed as the best in Stellenbosch, be sure to try their signature burger, The Ryneveld Deluxe, which is loaded with camembert cheese, caramelised onions, crispy bacon and a roasted walnut crumble.

Local is lekker
Located just outside of Stellenbosch is Khayamandi, a vivacious township that bustles with an energy unlike anything you can imagine. AmaZink Live is an eatery and theatre, a unique combination which makes for an exuberant dining experience. The authentic kasi cuisine served includes meals like a braai platter laden with samp and beans and roasted sweet potato.