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Boutique Hotels of Cape Town

As you start to plan your holiday in Cape Town, we would like to make one suggestion: Make your accommodation booking at one of Cape Town’s boutique hotels. No other accommodation can offer you a more real and enchanting experience of the Cape. Known for their friendly hospitality, the intimate detail with which each guest is cared and catered for would just add so much more to your experience of Cape Town.

Size does matter
The most important factor that set boutique hotels apart from other luxury hotels is the amount of rooms. Usually consisting of no more than a hundred rooms, the attention of the staff towards the guests creates the intimate feeling that has been longed for by many a tourist. This gives the staff and/or owner the chance to see to their guests personally instead of being treated as just another room number.

Where most luxurious hotels are generally located in the city’s business districts, Cape Town’s boutique hotels has the privilege of being mostly situated in the suburban areas. You get to live the life of a Capetonian, with a few benefits of course. All the while having more opportunities to mingle with the locals, you have the benefit of finding what is happening in the current of things.

Uniqueness of style
Cape Town is known for its diversity. The same could be said for Cape Town’s boutique hotels, for not one is like another. Not only is the architecture of each boutique hotel unique, but also the style of its interior designs. Ranging from local Old Dutch farm-styles to the more cosmopolitan feel, this gives you as guest the chance to choose according to your own personal taste.

The personal touch
From the very first moment you book into your choice of boutique hotel, the quality of service is incomparable to that of luxury branded hotel. You can just feel the welcoming warmth and intimate atmosphere with which you as a guest are cared for. You are recognised as an individual and that reflects in the service that is given by all employees at any boutique hotel towards their guests. The pursuit of each staff member is to personally see to the every want and need of their guest, a customized service if you must give it a name.

Considering the amount of personal attention with which each guest is treated, you would assume that that would reflect in price. But this is a common misconception. All things considered, the price paid to be able to stay at any boutique hotel would be worth more than a penny.

Imagining sitting in a big lounge in front of a warm comforting fire while sipping on a good quality wine and chatting about your day’s adventure. That is the ambience that can be expected at any boutique hotel in Cape Town. In some boutique hotels you even get to sit around a big dining room table and socialize (a tradition in a lot of South African cultures). If anything, it would have to be the ambience of a Cape Town boutique hotel that makes it a must to experience. It would be a serene sanctuary in a bustling world.

Cape Town
Cape Town is one of South Africa’s biggest tourist destinations. When you see Cape Town first hand you will know why. Surrounded with majestic mountains, stretched out golden beaches and cultures so diverse, Cape Town is a wonder of nature all on its own. The amount of activities to venture into is infinite. If it’s culture you seek, a tour through the world renowned Cape Winelands is a must. The three best known wine districts in the Winelands are: Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Paarl. Each little town has its own unique story to tell, combined with a price winning wine and an unbelievable world class gourmet meal. For the adventurer a seaside escapade would be perfect. Cape Town also has Shark cage diving for the adrenalin junkie, for this is not for the faint of heart. Than, the people of Cape Town, for in no other place would you find such an array of cultures thrown together in one big beautiful city. Cape Town is all-in-all an absolutely miraculous city.

So when you start to plan for your holiday destination, remember this: Boutique hotels of Cape Town. For no other holiday would offer you such an intimate experience of a country known for its history, diverse cultures and overall natural beauty. You would find that when you’ve arrived at the end of your adventure that South Africa, and specifically Cape Town, would leave you yearning for more.

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Villa Grande offers warm-hearted boutique hotel accommodation in Stellenbosch and is situated in the historic centre of the town in the beautiful Cape winelands.

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